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I am an American living in Munich, Germany. I am also an ordained Presbyterian Minister,* a mother, a wife, a  woman mature in years, a sometimes amateur improviser, a published writer and poet, an ocasional preacher, a former elected official, a traveler and a terrrible student of the German language. I also take photos of what strikes my fancy and keep an occassional blog. 



I preach from time to time and sometimes folks ask for a copy of the sermon. Perhaps they are blown away by the sheer brilliance of God's word interpreted in ways they had not thought of before but far more likely I think is that I may have talked too fast and they want a chance to find out exactly what was preached. 

Travel and Expat Life

Come look over my sholdure as I work out what it means to be an American living in Germany and a perpetual tourist in Europe. Its harder then it looks sometimes but I'm still grateful for the opportunity. 

Published and on the Web Somewhere

From time to time what I write is published both in hard copy and on the web. Here are a few links as I find them. 
I think that is one of the gifts of our extended life here in Germany. We get to see Europe at a human speed that allows for thoughtful observation. 
Dancing Lessons  - Bikes & Time
Sermons are where we find what Ancient Scripture has to say today
​This mission of comfort, of attention to physical and spiritual needs is still what we do here today. Thats what this table, this alter is about. Its Jesus’ love for the disciples, its Jesus gift to all of us. Body, blood, gifts from heaven, sacrificed for us who deserve none of it. We didn’t chose, we were chosen by Jesus. We are wounded, we are still healing. And in our shatteredness we keep coming back to this table.
  • We Belong to God 12th March 2017, Peace United Methodist Church, Munich, Germany
We are the church of Jesus Christ, beloved by God who knows us and names us and claims us no matter where we can be found. We are always known to God. We can never travel too far away from God. We have been given what Abraham and Sarah were given: The eternal presence of God who creates new life out of death, hope out of despair, and homes out of strange lands.
  • Foundations 19th February 2017, Peace United Methodist Church, Munich, Germany.
​​So when Paul says, the church of God is a building built on the foundation of jesus Christ - he means not only is that a solid, dependable structure we can all count on to last for centuries, we also - as a church built on the foundation of Jesus Christ - take the shape of Jesus Christ at work in this world. No bigger, no smaller.
Planting a seed is important, Paul says. And watering that seed is also necessary, Paul says. But the most important part, the waking up of the seed into a plant - the most important part belongs to God.​
  • Keep Watch  27th November 2016, Peace United Methodist Church, Munich, Germany
Right now, we are all at the very beginning of all these stories and we know nothing except to keep watch for the unexpected. Who can imagine visits from angels announcing new life, not just any life? Who can expect wise men with gifts in the middle of the night? Who can expect kings who would slaughter children just to keep his throne?  Keep Watch. Be ready
  • Always Useful 9th October 2016, Ascension Episcopal, Munich, Germany
In this ancient passage we have Gods promise. We are home where-ever we find ourselves because God is with us where we are and everywhere we are. We are always a part of God restorative work in this world. Audio at Ascension Church
We hear this part of the story and we think, “Wow, this farm manager really is stealing from his boss. If we think the Rich Man is angry now, wait till he finds out about the discounted debt! He’ll be throwing the crook in the jail!”..... Only the story takes an unexpected turn
On a Friday night, 22nd July, a young man expressed his pain and confusion through wounding and killing dozens at a local shopping mall.
  • London Radio Interview - 23rd July 2016, Munich Germany
A Christian radio station in London got my phone number from the Peace Church website. We had a quick interview about the theology of the fundamental question: Where is God in This? I was grateful to be asked, not that I actually know the answer.
We are citizens of the City of God and the City of the World. How do we live in that tension?
  • Hand on Plow - 26th June, 2016, Peace United Methodist, Munich Germany
Remember, you can keep turning your face back to the direction you are called to travel toward. The one Paul points us toward. Jesus. The New Jerusalem. The reigndom of God. The Great Truth that says God is still with us, still calling us into our best selves. The Great Truth that we will find our way into God’s community where no village slams shut their doors shut from fear or anger. Where no one goes hungry because there is enough. Where we will remember how much we belong to each other.
  • Come and Go, 8th May, 2016, Peace United Methodist, Munich, Germany
That new thing that Jesus is doing is still coming at us like a jet plane coming in for a landing on a runway. It can’t stop. Its big and its fast, and its going to land and so it is with the new thing - the Holy Spirit - that Jesus is sending into the world for everyone who says yes to God.
Jesus’s response to the Pharisees make it clear. Jesus did not intend to avoid his coming encounter with the corrupt and fearful king. He just knew it was going to happen on God’s terms, on God’s time - not human time.
  • Local Boy 31 January, 2016, Ascension Episcopal, Munich, Germany
The crowd was so caught up in their old-style of thinking that they couldn’t imagine God at work in new ways. The crowd was so caught up in their old, highly limited view of Jesus that they couldn’t see the God claimed, freshly baptized, holy spirit infused and transformed Jesus. They were so intent on killing the old Jesus that they completely missed Everlasting Life walking among them. Jesus didn’t disappear. The congregation just refused to see him.
God’s call to us is to not only be hearers of the word, receivers of Christ but then also be Christ to one another. In our deepest needs, we are Christ at work in this world. In our greatest wealth, we can also be Christ at work in this world. And in all the places we find ourselves in-between, we are still called to be Christ at work in this world.
  • Esther - 27th September, 2015, Peace Church United Methodist, Munich, Germany
Everything changes in this story when Esther remembered who she is. Esther remembered who she belonged to and it was not the king. Esther remembered that she belonged to God. Esther remembered that she also still belonged to a community even though she’s been locked up and hidden away for years. A community that was ready to support her as she supported them.
At the core of a reformed faith traditional worship service is The Word. The Word is two core acts that work together to become the moment when the community encounters God, or more specifically, The Word of God.

We read Scripture and then we reflect on that scripture.

We pray that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit as we read and reflect so that in a specific moment of worship words read and heard become The Word, God-with-us.

Preaching, when we're attentive, is not public speaking nor is it a lecture. It is a movement of the Holy Spirit between the one who speaks and the one who listens. Thus written sermons are really only echos of God at work among a specific group of people at a specific time and place. Even so, here is a history of how I've been lead to preach over the years.
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